Thirst Quenchers

All beverage orders include disposable cups and ice.

Assorted Canned Beverages



Diet coke


La Croix

Bottled Juices


Orange juice, ruby red grapefruit, cranberry or apple Juice

Chilled Bottled Water

Deer Park


S. Pellegrino sparkling water


Aqua Panna spring water


Coconut water


Izze sparkling juice


Sweet Iced Tea


Served with lemon slices, sold by the gallon

Unsweetened Iced Tea


Served with lemons, sold by the gallon

Fresh Lemonade


Sold by the gallon

Specialty Lemonade (strawberry, peach, passion fruit, cucumber) $8.55/per

Sold by the gallon

Fresh Brewed Coffee


Sweeteners, dairy and nondairy creamers

Hot Tea


Served with sweeteners and fresh lemons


*A gallon will accommodate 10 guests*